How to Motivate Your Child to Be Successful

coach your child to success

It’s no secret that we live in an achievement-centric society, where it feels like there are insane expectations on us and our children just to keep up. In the frenzy of trying to give our children holistic childhoods and seek the best from them, we can end up placing incredible demands on them. How can we then encourage our children when it comes to academics? How do we continue to affirm them while they may not be doing well?

Here, we offer you the following tips to help you coach your child to attain success in school and in life.

1. Have a vision for your child

When coaching a child, it is tempting to focus solely on academics – particularly if he or she struggles in specific subjects. Take a moment to step back and consider your child’s abilities and personality. What is your vision for your child? What sort of person do you hope they will be? What core values and attributes do you hope to see in your child? If you hope to raise an independent thinker who will be resilient and confident, incorporate that training into your academic coaching too.

2. Focus on the everyday achievements

While we tend to find fault with the things our children do, it is crucial that we focus on the positive. For example, when your child brings home a Mathematics test with an average score, you could say, “That’s a good improvement, you got six marks higher than your previous test!” In the same vein, when they do well in a test, praise their effort, not just their intelligence. Notice what they are doing well in or trying hard at, and praise them for that.

3. Create bite-sized goals

Children respond well to clear and specific instructions, rather than vague concepts. Instead of repeatedly telling your child “You need to study harder for English!”, break your feedback up into small, measurable tasks and goals – such as aiming to do an extra hour of English revision daily, and setting a target grade to achieve in the next class test. This will help your child to clearly understand what is required to improve their academic grades and stay focused when they revise their work.

4. Ask questions

Coaching is a two-way process – be careful not to turn it into a monologue of instructions and warnings for your child. Take the opportunity to ask them how they are coping with school, friends and life in general. By asking open-ended questions and listening closely, your child will feel empowered to openly share their thoughts and feelings with you. This will give you insights on suitable methods in guiding them effectively in academics and other areas of life.

5. Be encouraging when the rubber meets the road

Some days, children find it tough to pick themselves up when they have failed, especially if the failure is repeated. In spite of your disappointment, let them know that failure plays a big part in learning. Most achievements in school occur because of one key character trait – the ability to persevere through difficult and discouraging circumstances.

By encouraging them to be disciplined, put in the hard work and have a hopeful attitude towards challenging tasks, we can help our children develop perseverance. Make the effort to first empathise and understand their feelings by saying things like, “I’m sorry. You must be disappointed that you failed your Chinese test.” Then, encourage and coach them by saying, “Don’t give up, let’s try and think of ways to help you improve.” You can’t do the work of developing perseverance for your children, but you can be their greatest cheerleader, especially when the going gets tough.

With constant guidance and affirmation, your children can be motivated to overcome challenges and meet their potential – at school, and in life!

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Article contributed by Judith Xavier, Focus on the Family Singapore.

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Are You Raising a Quitter? Here’s How You Can Inspire Your Child to Persevere

“It’s not that I am so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

– Albert Einstein


perseverance in children

As they grow up, our children will inevitably face challenges both big and small every day. In dealing with life’s challenges, do they accept defeat and give up easily, or do they try again and persevere?

Numerous research have shown that perseverance (the ability to stick with tough tasks) is often used as a measure of how successful our children will be in life. Children who learn to bounce back and refuse to allow setbacks get them down have gained a very important life skill that will help them succeed in this competitive world today.

But what can you do if you happen to be raising a child who gets discouraged easily? Read on for some simple, proven strategies to turn your child’s “I give up!” into “I did it!”:

1. Tone down your praises

We often find ourselves showering our children with praises and words of encouragement in a bid to inspire them with the belief that they can do anything, as long as they set their mind to it. However, this action might result in the opposite effect by stifling their self-confidence and turning on the need for constant affirmation for their efforts.

A study conducted by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., a Stanford University psychology professor and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, revealed that children who are commended for their results or ability tend to fall apart when things do not go their way. On the other hand, children who are praised for their effort are more likely to persevere as they learn that every achievement in life is a result of hard work.

Based on the findings of the study, the key is to create a good balance in praising and to focus your words on your child’s actions, rather than his/her ability. This includes telling him/her that you admire the creativity that he/she has put in to complete the task or how he/she takes things in stride with a positive attitude.

2. Be a good role model

As with other aspects of parenting, your children are more likely to follow what you do rather than what you say. This principle rings true especially when it involves values that you hope to instil in your kids.

Show your children that you persevere on a task even when things get challenging – it is alright for them to see how you handle your own struggles every once in a while. To take things further, you can also initiate a family motto which incorporates perseverance such as “Winners never quit, quitters never win” and “We finish what we started”. With a family motto of commitment to live by, your children will be more likely to use it when they are facing their own challenges and won’t be succumbed to say, “I quit!”.

3. Help them look at failure from a different light

Most children tend to give up due to a fear of failing and falling behind their peers. Thus, it is essential that you explain to your child that setbacks are an essential part of the learning process and not a hurdle that prevents them from achieving their goals.

Dr. Jim Taylor, author of Your Children are Listening: Nine Messages They Need to Hear from You, shares that when his children face hurdles such as trying to spell simple words, he tells them that the most important thing is to keep going – if they do that long enough, they will get there eventually. To give them a motivational boost, he drills this phrase to them: “The only failure is not trying.”

The way your child learns and thinks could determine his/her success in school. Find out how the programmes at MindChamps could benefit your child’s academic progress – book your seats to our next complimentary workshop now!

4. Remind them about their past successes

“The principle of not giving up is very transferable,” shares David Shenk, author of The Genius in All of Us: New Insights into Genetics, Talent and IQ.

The great thing about perseverance is that children who have applied this on any given task tend to carry the same drive, determination and confidence to other pursuits. So, the next time your child tells you that he/she is giving up, it may be helpful to remind him/her about the times when he/she succeeded in the past and encourage him/her to persevere until the goals are met.

5. Share stories and wise words on perseverance

Apart from building your child’s literacy skills, books are also a great tool to reinforce values to them, including the concept of perseverance. Some inspiring titles that you could start off with include “Giraffes Can’t Dance”, a tale of Gerald the giraffe who could finally dance, thanks to his determination and encouragement from an unlikely friend; and The Most Magnificent Thing, which follows the adventures of an unnamed girl as she perseveres to create her very own “magnificent thing”.

You can also share the following quotes to remind your child to “try, try again” if they don’t succeed the first time:

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.” – Julie Andrews

 “I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that did not work.” – Thomas Edison



You Can Help Your Child Persevere by Instilling the Champion Mindset in them!

perseverance in children

Apart from putting the suggested strategies into practice to encourage your child to persevere, you can take this further by enrolling him/her for MindChamps’ Professor Snyder’s Thinking Cap Learning System.

Incorporating the latest requirements in the MOE curriculum, the programme empowers your children with effective learning and thinking skills to help them excel in school, and fosters emotional resilience and effective communication skills in them. The combination of all these skills will help them do well in primary and secondary school, as well as upon moving on to tertiary studies and beyond.

Book your seats for our upcoming workshops to find out more about the programme.

Diamond Rain

raining diamonds

Imagine this.

Tomorrow, when you wake up, you swing your legs out of bed, find your slippers with your feet, and make your way across to the window to open the blind and let in the new day.

It is raining. Again.

Nothing particularly unusual, you might think – except that as you watch the rain falling down outside the window, you realise that this time it is different.

Because, this time, instead of raining… rain, it is raining diamonds. Beautiful, brilliant-cut, high-quality stones – some the size of pigeon eggs, some barely a carat, but all of them perfect.

The breakfast announcer on the radio, his voice even more hysterical than usual, informs you that this miraculous diamond rain phenomenon is repeating itself across the entire planet, on every continent, in every major population centre. Billions and billions of the precious stones, falling like a gift from the heavens.

For a moment, it is better than Christmas. A fortune dropping out of the sky; yours to pick up and possess.

You rush outside to fill your pockets. Perhaps you take a shopping bag, so that you can gather even more of the treasure.

Some of your neighbours are already out there, raking the stones into piles, shovelling them into wheel-barrows or sacks, smiling like Aladdin in the cave of the forty-thieves.

But then you stop, as the realisation strikes.

There is no point in rushing to gather up the precious stones, to store them away like a squirrel’s cache of winter nuts.

The phenomenon is worldwide. Which means…

That from today on, diamonds will be as common, worldwide, as pebbles or rocks.

That the value of a diamond will, therefore, be about the same as that of a pebble or rock.

Virtually worthless.

And that goes for the diamonds which in the past, you spent so much of your hard-earned salary to buy.

We live, today in an era akin to the diamond rain of this imaginary scenario. The sky has not unleashed a storm of the once-precious stones, of course, but human ingenuity has, almost overnight, devalued what has been, for most of human history, the most valuable commodity known to Man – information.

Like the diamonds in our story, it falls from the air around us, bidding us to pick it up and use it – but as we will discover later – its very availability renders it, in and of itself, almost valueless.

In the world of the Information Revolution, our concepts of information and knowledge – and of education itself – are in drastic need of a rethink.

Information – in the sense of raw data – is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other and we need them all.
~Arther C.Clarke (scientist and author)

The above is a modified abstract from the book ‘The 3-Mind Revolution‘.
3-Mind Revolution discusses the concept of a “trinity of minds” that consists of:

  • The Champion Mind
  • The Learning Mind, and
  • The Creative Mind

If we are to negotiate our way successfully through our exciting new world, all the three minds need to develop in unison. Join our complimentary workshop to learn more about how MindChamps programmes are specially designed by experts in the fields of education, neurology, psychology and theatre from around the world, to develop the 3 minds of young children.

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Vote for Yip Pin Xiu as The Straits Times Singaporean of the Year 2015

MindChamps' Brand Ambassador Yip Pin Xiu
MindChamps’ Brand Ambassador Yip Pin Xiu

MindChamps’ Brand Ambassador and National Paralympic Swimmer, Yip Pin Xiu, achieved another amazing sporting feat by shattering the world Paralympic record in the women’s 50m backstroke (S2 Class)  and winning the gold medal in the event during the 8th ASEAN Para Games held in Singapore in 2015. Pin Xiu also previously won the gold medal in the same event during the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, which earned her the unique distinction of being Singapore’s first and only *Olympics gold medallist, a title which she upholds up until today.

Despite being afflicted by muscular dystrophy, Pin Xiu believes in overcoming her disability and achieving success by adopting a Champion Mindset – a personal attribute that is about being the best that one can be and about discovering one’s strengths, recognising one’s weaknesses and then turning them into strengths. After winning the Olympics gold medal, Pin Xiu shared with MindChamps: “I identify strongly with the MindChamps’ philosophy of nurturing the Champion Mindset in every individual. It is the Champion Mindset that has helped me overcome my disability to achieve my dream of an Olympic Gold Medal.”

Importantly, for the feat Pin Xiu achieved in the 8th ASEAN Para Games, she has been nominated for the 2015 Straits Times Singaporean of the Year Award. This award seeks to recognise Singaporeans whose extraordinary acts of goodwill, ingenuity or perseverance improved their community and the lives of others during the year.

Vote for Yip Pin Xiu, our local sporting heroine with a Champion Mindset here:

Closing date for votes falls on 28 January 2016, 6pm.

* The Olympics Movement Games organised by the International Olympics Committee which includes the Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, Winter Olympic, Paralympics, etc.  

MindChamps PreSchool @ City Square Mall

Located in City Square Mall, MindChamps PreSchool @ City Square Mall is conveniently located at Level 7 with a huge outdoor playground – bikes, scooters, water play troughs, sandpits, ‘percussion pots & pans’ and a mini garden too.

MindChamps PreSchool City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road, #07-01/05, Singapore 208539

Besides the clean, spacious and safe environment, our team of teachers is also passionate and dedicated in creating enriching experiences for children under their care – turning mistakes into teachable moments; understanding what it means by 100% Respect and Zero Fear; receiving Feedback as a seed for Growth.

Excursion at Civil Defence Heritage Gallery
Excursion at Singapore Repertory Theatre

Carefully designed curriculum based on internationally validated research and non-didactic instructional methods are also put in place by our teachers to empower our children in both creativity and structured thinking. MindChamps PreSchool @ City Square Mall offers every child the opportunity to become young champions!

Gardening Time
Lesson in progress

To see more photos, please click HERE

MindChamps PreSchool @ Bukit Timah

MindChamps PreSchool @ Bukit Timah
MindChamps PreSchool Bukit Timah
200, Turf Club Road, The Grandstand #05-05 South Grandstand Singapore 287994

Located in the central part of Singapore, MindChamps PreSchool @ Bukit Timah centre offers a wonderful view of the greenery from the classrooms. With a huge area of 10,000 sq ft, Bukit Timah’s centre has its own dining room and an indoor playground where our champs have their meals and play time.

Gourmet Moments
Excursion at Gardens by the Bay
A trip to the Zoo

In addition, the centre offers twice a week of outdoor activities at the green field just opposite our centre. Champs get to enjoy different outdoor activities planned specially by our Teachers.

Outdoor Play

To see more photos, please click HERE

To visit the centre, pleas click HERE to make an appointment.

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central

Mindchamps Chinese preschool@Abacus_04.11.2015-04
MindChamps World Renowned Curriculum Now in Chinese!

MindChamps’ unique curriculum is the result of almost two decades of research and development in the 4 domains of:

  • Child Psychology
  • Theatre
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Neuroscience

With a focus on nurturing Champion Mindset values and character building in children from 18 months to 6 years old, the curriculum creates confident champion learners for life.

Nurturing a Love for Chinese Language in Your Child
By infusing Chinese language in its one-of-a-kind curriculum, MindChamps Chinese PreSchool offers a nurturing and positive Chinese speaking learning environment to:

  • Help young Champions love and speak Chinese fluently
  • Strengthen every child’s natural learning ability by nurturing their Champion, Creative and Learning Minds
  • Nurture the Mind-Champion in every child

The curriculum includes the following 10 world-proprietary core and enrichment programs:

  1. MindChamps Reading & Writing™ (Natural Literacy™) – Conducted in English
  2. Fun with Languages™
  3. Love for Chinese Language™
  4. Numeracy Strategies™
  5. Inquiry Moments™
  6. Creativity & Theatrical Strategies™ – Conducted in English
  7. Gourmet Moments™
  8. NeuroMooves™
  9. Music for the Mind™
  10. Chinese Culture Appreciation

Chinese Culture Appreciation
The Chinese Culture Appreciation is an enrichment program that is available during term breaks at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool. During the program, K1 and K2 pre-schoolers will gain an insight into China’s rich history and culture during lessons, and enjoy hands-on activities such as the clay modelling, Chinese painting and calligraphy.


How is the curriculum different from MindChamps PreSchool?
Most of the core and enrichment programs offered at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool will focus on the Chinese Language starting from the Playgroup level. The use of English in the curriculum will be gradually increased as pre-schoolers progress to the kindergarten levels to help them meet the bilingual academic requirements of the primary school curriculum.

Who should attend MindChamps Chinese PreSchool?
Research has shown that children who are immersed in a second language from an early age are more likely to do well in language and literacy development. Immersion in a second language like Mandarin also helps children develop a love for the language and appreciate the culture.

With a warm and positive Chinese speaking environment, the curriculum at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool will greatly benefit:

  • Local families who are unable to provide a foundation in Mandarin to their children
  • Expat families who are keen to introduce their children to the Chinese language and culture


MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central
3 Tampines Central 1, Abacus Plaza, #03-01, Singapore 529540
Tel: 9769 9025

CPS map

Help Your Child Overcome The Fear Of Exams

Web banner-01

With exams just around the corner, it is crucial to help your child handle revisions and exam fear with a Champion Mindset. Here’s your chance to learn how a Champion Mindset can help your child sail through these challenges with confidence. Sit in for an exclusive interview session between David Chiem, Founder and CEO of MindChamps and Yip Pin Xiu, Singapore’s First Paralympics Gold Medalist, which focuses on the following:

  • How to beat exam stress and block out distractions
  • Dealing with pressure during the exam period
  • Tips and coaching techniques for parents to help their children stay focused by championing an “I can do it!” attitude
  • The inspiration behind how Yip Pin Xiu channeled her abilities and energy on swimming, despite going through physical challenges due to muscular dystrophy

Don’t miss this opportunity to get first-hand coaching tips to empower your child with a Champion Mindset and be inspired with Pin Xiu’s real-life story of Championship.

Date: 11 October 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 3.30pm to 6pm
Venue: Professor Snyder Theatre, MindChamps HQ,
HDB Hub East Wing Level 17, 480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh
Cost: $28 per family – max 4 pax. Additional tickets at $14 each
Ideal for parents with kids Primary 3 and above

Click here to REGISTER

Read more about Yip Pin Xiu HERE

MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis

mindchamps preschool fusionopolis
The bright and cheerful entrance of MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis

MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis is located on level 3 of the Connexis tower at One-North business park. With the One-North MRT and major roads and highways located nearby, the preschool centre is easily accessible to parents who work and live around the Buona Vista, Queenstown and Clementi neighbourhoods.

MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis focuses the teaching on an inquiry-based curriculum, which gives kids ample opportunities to be involved in discussions and experience various hands-on activities. This helps to spark their interest and curiosity during lessons and encourages them to conduct their own explorations.

Besides the core curriculum programme, emphasis is also placed on character building by instilling the unique 10 Values such as compassion, gratitude, self-reflection and more. As a whole, the combination of all these elements help to inspire a love for learning and to bring out the MindChampion in your child.

mindchamps preschool fusionopolis
Champs having fun in class
mindchamps preschool fusionopolis
The wall space along the hallway is decorated with the artworks of our Champs.

Learn more about the curriculum and facilities of MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis HERE.

Welcome Day

Head down to MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionpolis for a tour of the centre and to get to know the teachers and staff.

Contact the centre at 6463 4567 or book a centre visit HERE during our Welcome Day.

MindChamps PreSchool fusionopolis
1 Fusionopolis Way, Connexis #03-11/24, Singapore 138632

MindChamps PreSchool @ Liang Court

MindChamps PreSchool @ Liang Court

Located on level 5 of Liang Court Shopping Mall, MindChamps PreSchool @ Liang Court caters to a good mix of local and international families. The centre features spacious rooms and interest zones which provide a conducive learning environment for our young Champs.

With dedicated rooms where our enrichment programmes are carried out (e.g. the Gourmet room, Gym room and the MindChamps Reading & Writing room), this allows our teachers to facilitate the development of various skills, build independence and provide our Champs with opportunities to discover and explore their learning environment.

MindChamps PreSchool Liang Court
177 River Valley Road, Liang Court #05-01 Singapore 179030
Champs and teachers getting into character to celebrate Easter
Sports Day

An experienced and dedicated team

Our team at MindChamps PreSchool @ Liang Court comprises qualified, dedicated and very experienced educators – some of whom have more than a decade of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education.

We love music!

Parents as partners in education

In line with our philosophy, we regard parents as vital partners in our Champs’ learning journey. With parents and children from all over the world, language and culture are never barriers in our partnership with them. In fact, it provides a platform for everyone to learn, accept and understand each other’s culture and beliefs.

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