MindChamps PreSchool

MindChamps PreSchool is Singapore’s leading pre-school that offers academic & enrichment programs for children from 18 months to 6 years old, in the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels.
The curriculum brings together cutting-edge research and development from the 4 domains of Early Childhood Education, Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre. Our bilingual curriculum nurtures all aspects of your pre-schooler and includes world-proprietary academic and enrichment programs.
MindChamps PreSchool is also the only pre-school whose teachers undergo up to 200 hours of compulsory training and accreditation, ensuring that your child’s mind is nurtured by the most qualified and dedicated teachers.
MindChamps PreSchool takes a pro-active role in facilitating the transition of kindergarten-level children from pre-school to Primary School. The curriculum has been specially designed to incorporate various activities that prepare children for the change in teaching styles, relationships, environment and routine when they enter Primary School. In fact, every MindChamps Kindergarten 2 class goes through the theme of ‘Transition to Primary 1’ in the final term.
MindChamps PreSchool is not just a childcare centre; we nurture your child to be a champion learner of the future.



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