March School Holiday 2017 – 12 Amazing Activities for Children

The March School Holiday is upon us, and both parents and their children are all set to enjoy this short break from the usual school routines and homework marathons. To help you make the most of this week-long break, we have put together a list of activities that are happening during the holiday week – ranging from enriching school holiday programmes to must-not-miss theatre shows and exhibitions.

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Stage and Theatre Productions

1. A Peter Rabbit Tale

March school holiday 2017
(Image: SISTIC)

Based on the much-loved Beatrix Potter children’s classic, A Peter Rabbit Tale follows the musical adventure of Peter as he discovers the importance of family and the value of being true to yourself by exploring new places and the people he meets along the way. In true Peter Rabbit style, he gets up to all sorts of mischief and lands himself in a web of troubles – the last straw came when he breaks the rules and steals from Mr. McGregor’s garden. Worried about what his beloved mum might say, he decides to leave his comfy rabbit hole and run away into the “big world”.

This show is recommended for children aged 4 to 8.

Date: 24 February to 14 April 2017

Time: Weekdays 10am, Weekends and Public Holidays 11am & 2pm

Venue: KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT

Ticket Prices: Starts from $25

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2. The Ant & The Grasshopper

March school holiday 2017
(Image: SISTIC)

In the original fable by Aesop, the ants were a hardworking bunch who worked all day while the grasshopper did not understand why one should work hard. With unexpected twists and turns to the tale, there are many lessons we can learn from this interactive musical which revolves around friendship, rewards for hard work, generosity and judging others.

This show is a must-watch for the whole family!

Date: 18 February to 19 March 2017

Time: Various timings available

Venue: SOTA Drama Theatre

Ticket prices: $32 (For both adults and children)

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3. The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice

March school holiday 2017
(Image: Singapore Sports Hub)

Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy as they take you on a walk down memory lane to relive the wonderful Disney moments through your favourite films. From diving into the East Australian Current with Dory, Nemo and Marlin to discover the true meaning of family to prowling the Pride Lands of Africa with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa, there’s something magical for everyone in the family to enjoy during the school holiday.

Date: 15 to 19 March 2017

Time: Various timings available

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket prices: $25 to $120

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Check out the holiday programmes that are on-going during the break, and enrol your children now – before seats run out! More on the next page…

10 Things to Do During the December 2016 School Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and in that spirit we urge you to explore fun activities with your child to bring the family together and bridge the generation gap. Whether it’s a visit to the theatre, enjoying a great workshop or checking out a rather unusual museum, we’ve got it covered here.

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Bridge that Generation Gap

1. Learn A Historical Board Game

Playing 'Go' Game
Photo credit: Singapore Weiqi Association

Wean off mobile games with something even your grandmother will be proud of. Go, called weiqi in Chinese, hails from as far back as when civilisation began. Engaging the intellect but entirely fun, Go is more complex than Chinese chess and each game can take as quick as 15 minutes or a few days to finish.

The Singapore Weiqi Association organises holidays camps for children aged six and above. The best news? All parents are invited to join in the lessons.

Date & Venue: Click to check out dates and venues

Fee: $300

Sport for the whole Family

2. Bounce Indoor Adventure Park

Bounce Indoor Adventure Park
Photo credit: Bounce Inc

Bounce Singapore first came to our sunny island from Melbourne, Australia in 2012. Featuring a different variety of trampoline zones such as Singapore’s first “Leap of Faith” and more, Bounce caters to children aged three and above, adults and fitness enthusiasts.

With three areas based on interests and difficulty, safety is the first priority for the Park, with rules such as only one person is allowed on each trampoline at a time and landing on two feet is a must. Due to safety concerns, the Park has a weight limit for jumpers.

Their Family Session lets you “Jump as A Family” on Tuesdays, so get ready for some active family bonding.

Date & Time: Tuesdays, 10am to 9pm (check for slots available)

Venue: #09-01 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, S (239695)

Fee: Family ticket is available at $75 per family of 4.

Click to check out dates and venues

Holiday Workshops that Spell Fun

3. Conquer the Reading Mission  

Conquer the Reading Mission

Mums, Dads and their budding explorers will get to experience Integrated Phonics (through songs, rhymes and poems), and Listening and Reading comprehension through a series of fun adventures in the wilderness!

The good news is that one parent will be invited to attend the workshop.

Date & Time:

7 Dec, 10am – 12pm (for 3 – 4-year-olds in 2016) Limited Seats Available

7 Dec, 2–4pm (for 5 – 6-years-olds in 2016)

Venue: MindChamps Singapore, 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #17-01 HDB Hub East Wing, S (310480)

Fee: $68 per child

Click to check out dates and venues

4. Master the Writing Mission

Explorer Love on a mysterious jungle

Let your children join Explorer Love on a mysterious jungle adventure to discover Adjectives, Conjunctions, Verbs and much more. Through this two-day workshop, they will get to create their own masterpiece and learn all about creative writing. Be sure to cheer them on and see the ‘before and after’ results of their work!

Date & Time:

5 & 6 Dec, 10am – 12pm (for K2 – P1 students in 2016) Limited Seats Available

5 & 6 Dec, 2-4pm (for P2 – P3 students in 2016) Fully Booked

Venue: MindChamps Singapore, 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #17-01 HDB Hub East Wing, S (310480)

Fee: $89 per child

Click to check out dates and venues

5. Thinking Cap Programme Workshops

MindChamps Thinking Cap Programme

Let your child benefit from MindChamps’ proprietary Thinking Cap Programme that meets and goes beyond the requirements in the MOE curriculum.

Your child will learn:

  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Multiple-perspective thinking strategies
  • Goal-setting and time management skills
  • Effective learning techniques that can be applied to the school curriculum

And especially for you, the workshops for Primary 3 onwards will feature a video where your child delivers a small speech in appreciation of you. Need we say more?

Workshop Details:

For P3 – P4 students in 2017

Date: 1 & 2 Dec, 9am – 6pm

Fee: $148 per child (Lunch will be provided)

For P5 – P6 students in 2017

Date: 5 & 6 Dec

Time: 9am – 6pm

Fee: $148 per child (Lunch will be provided)

Venue: MindChamps Singapore, 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #17-01 HDB Hub East Wing, S (310480)

Click to check out dates and venues

Visual and Performing Arts for All Ages

6. Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum
Photo credit: rwsentosablog

Crowned by TripAdvisor as the number 1 attraction in Korea (Museum Category), the concept of the Trick Eye Museum uses the special art technique of ‘optical illusions’ that transforms 2D paintings into 3D effect. Singapore is the first stop of Trick Eye Museum’s overseas venture and the museum is located at the hub of local attractions – Resorts World Sentosa. The museum houses around 100 artworks which includes paintings and sculptures.

Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm daily

Venue:  Waterfront @ Resorts World Singapore, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, S (098138)

Fee: $25 for adults/$20 for children and senior citizens

Get your tickets here.

7. Charlotte’s Web Theatrical Presentation

The play spins a positive message about friendship.
Photo credit: SRT’s The Little Company

Get entangled in this well-loved classic, the enchanting story of a pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte. Come watch how Charlotte uses her web-spinning skills to weave messages that praise Wilbur, making him a treasured pig instead of being sent off to the butcher.
The play spins a positive message about friendship. Experience this timeless story with the entire family!

Date: Showing now till 11 Dec 2016

Venue: KC Arts Centre – Home of the Singapore Repertory Theatre, 20 Merbau Road, S (239035)

Fee: Standard $28/$25 (before booking fee); Family tickets of 4 at $95 (booking fee applies)

Get your tickets here.

8. Little Maestros on Classical Music

Little Maestros on Classical Music
Photo credit: Wolfgang Violin Studio

This year’s Little Maestros Concert features 100 young violin and cello wonders from ages 4 to 16, showcasing all levels from their littlest twinkle stars in the Baby Orchestra, to International Competition Winner, Samuel Tan. It is a night of classical fun for the whole family.

Date & Time: 1 Dec 2016, 7.30pm

Venue: Victoria Concert Hall, 9 Empress Place, S (179556)

Fee: $80, $55, $35, $25 (excludes booking fee)

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Gardening for the Whole Family

9. Garden Harvest With Hort Farmer

Enjoy gardening with the whole family
Photo credit: National Parks Board

Enjoy a family gardening day out led by a horticultural expert. How this works is tickets are for one parent and one child, who will be gardening in a pair. Indeed, this will be one great organic harvest for the whole family.

Date & Time: 10 Dec 2016

Time: 9.30am

Venue: To meet at 9.30am outside Visitor Services Centre, HortPark, 33 Hyderabad Road, S (119578); (Registration is required on the day at the Visitor Service Centre)

Fee: $3 for one parent and one child (limited to 10 pairs per session).

Click to check out dates and venues

The Zoo with A Twist

10. Zoo-rassic Park  

Photo courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Photo credit : Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Step back in time to Zoo-rassic Park to meet over 20 ferocious dinosaurs at the Singapore Zoo. Marvel at crowd favourites like T-rex, Velociraptor and a host of their prehistoric cousins in lifelike dinosaur animatronics display.

Education booths feature specimens to enable your child to learn more about this fascinating period.

Date: Every weekend until 18 December 2016

Venue: Singapore Zoo, 80 Mandai Lake Road, S (729826)

Fee: Adults $33, Children $22 (discounts are available for online booking)

Click to check out dates and venues

This article was first published on the MindChamps blog.

5 things you can do to help your child prepare for Primary 1

5 things you can do to help your child prepare for Primary 1
Helping your child prepare for Primary 1

There are quite a few phases in life that make parents realise that their little one is all grown up, and one of these phases is the transition from preschool to Primary 1. It must be a proud moment for you as a parent, as you think about your child donning that new uniform and how he/she can now become more independent. We share your joy, and we’d like to highlight some vital steps you can take to help your child prepare for yet another milestone in his/her young life.

1. When the School Bell Rings!

To begin with, your child will need to be time sensitive – this includes waking up at a specified time in the morning and learning to catch the bus on time. Besides avoiding being late for school, punctuality in general is a great habit to cultivate from young.

While in school, the start and turn of events revolve around the bell ringing, and it would be great if your child can start the next class by being prepared (e.g., Keeping his/her books or taking out the arts and crafts kit).  Students who make the effort to be prepared for lessons often leave a good impression on their teachers.

Helping Your Child: Since your child is just starting his/her Primary 1 journey, you can help by catching the bus with him/her for the first month or so, and arrange for pick up after school. As your child starts to get the hang of the school routine, do step back gradually and let him/her go through it all independently.

Now’s also a great time to encourage your child to get out of bed promptly in the morning when the alarm rings, instead of lingering for too long in bed – the last thing we want is for him/her to oversleep and be late for school.

2. The Courage to Speak Up

As your child will need to be more independent from Primary 1 onwards, he will need to learn to open up to both teachers and peers, and voice his/her intentions in various situations in school. This includes simple tasks such as getting the food and drink items from the canteen during break time and articulating his/her thoughts clearly during show and tell.

Helping Your Child: Do guide your child on how to communicate politely, and remind him/her on the importance of offering a nice ‘thank you’ when the request is granted.

One way to do this is to act out the roles and situations at home, for example, with your child asking for the food he wants, and you playing the role of the one serving the food. You can include the act of exchanging money as well, so that’s an added item learnt.

3. Fluency in Language

Now that your child is progressing to Primary 1, it is essential that he/she is able to read and write well. Apart from helping him/her catch up with lessons in school, having the fluency in these two key skills will lead to an advantage in the composition writing and reading components.

Helping Your Child: You can help your child develop the literacy skills needed to do well in primary school and beyond through literacy programmes such as MindChamps Reading & Writing. After more than a decade of extensive research and development, MindChamps has developed the Reading & Writing enrichment programme for children aged 3 to 10 years old to instill in them the desire to read and write, and equip them with the skills that will last them into their adult years.

In reading, for example, the programme does not teach phonics in isolation. In phonics, the programme teaches words, blending graphemes and phonemes within the body of text, for this has proven to be the most effective way to master language. Once the foundation for reading is established, the ability to write naturally follows.

Find out more about MindChamps’ Reading & Writing programme and register for a complimentary Literacy Assessment for your child now.

4. Pack the right stuff

The things that your child need to bring to school may vary from day to day, so do help him/her by offering some tips to pack smart for school.

Helping Your Child: Go through the packing of your child’s school bag the night before for the first two weeks or so and help him/her along the way. This can come in the form of a weekly packing list based on your child’s class timetable, where you both determine the items needed from Monday to Friday.

You might also want to emphasise that your child updates this list as and when there are changes in the schedule, so that he/she does not end up leaving any important items at home or carrying extra items that are not needed for the day.

5. Life in school

Before the big first day of school, have frequent conversations with your child about what to expect of life as a primary schooler. Apart from the curriculum and learning objectives, you might want to also talk about your child’s social life as well.  This gives both of you a chance to identify potential problems that he/she might face (e.g. making new friends), and come up with a plan to overcome them.

Helping Your Child: Help your shy child build his/her confidence when interacting with others by organising a get-together with his/her friends from school or meeting up with your own friends who have children around the same age group. This will allow your child to practice building up his/her social skills and boost your child’s confidence in joining in and/or initiating a conversation.

Find out how the MindChamps Thinking Cap programme can help your child excel in school through effective learning techniques and by developing the Champion Mindset in him/her!

This article was first published on the MindChamps blog.

September School Holiday 2016: 12 Amazing Activities to Bust Your Children’s Boredom

It’s September once again, which means that the week-long September School Holiday is just around the corner!

While your children celebrate this revelation with rounds of cheers, you know that this is your cue to put together a schedule of activities to keep them happy and occupied during the week of their break.

Let us help you out with this – get started now by adding these must-not-miss activities to your list!


1. The Three Little Pigs

september school holiday 2016 activities

Follow the charming adventures of the three little pigs as they face the big bad wolf in the most surprising and witty ways possible. An original adaptation of the classic fairy tale, The Three Little Pigs doubles up as a lesson for children on how one can achieve success if he/she puts in the hard work and persevere.

Date: From now until 16 September 2016

Venue: KC Arts Centre @ Robertson Quay

Ticket Prices: Starts from $95 for a family package of 4

Book your tickets now!

2. Jack and the Beanstalk

september school holiday 2016 activities

Organised by ACT 3 International, this classic fairy tale brings plenty of surprises and twists as Jack sells his cow for 5 magic beans – and finds himself in the land above the clouds. It’s a perfect show for children (and their giants) filled with enormous shoes, tiny houses, showers of silver and gold and a big, leafy explosion.

Date: 6 to 18 September 2016

Venue: Drama Centre Black Box @ National Library Building

Ticket Prices: $28 (Weekdays), $38 (Weekends & Public Holiday) – Rates are applicable for both adults and children, excluding SISTIC fees

Book your tickets now!

3. Paw Patrol Makes Its Way to City Square Mall

september school holiday 2016 activities

The Paw Patrol makes their debut in Asia by pouncing into City Square Mall this September School Holiday 2016!

Catch Chase, Marshall and Ryder ‘live’ on stage as they respond to Mayor Goodway’s call for help to save the Adventure Bay Talent Show. With a minimum spend of $50 at City Square Mall, you will also get to redeem a meet & greet pass to snap pictures with the 3 heroes of the show.

After the show, make sure to also check out the Furry Fun Carnival at the outdoor City Green park. Pose for photos with the life-sized Paw Patrol vehicles and enjoy other activities such as a dog-themed inflatable and Dog Pirate Ship.

Date: 3 to 11 September 2016 (Except Mondays)

Time: Tues to Fri – 2pm & 7pm, Sat & Sun – 1pm, 4pm & 7pm

Venue: Level 1 Atrium, City Square Mall

More details here.



4. Anlene Cycle Challenge

september school holiday 2016 activities

In celebration of Anlene’s 25-year track record as the leading bone health product in Singapore, the 250,000km At Your Best with Anlene Cycling Challenge will be held at selected heartland malls in August and September. The Cycling Challenge booths will be set up at Bedok Central and NEX heartland malls, where you and your family can ride for a good cause and contribute towards the 250,000km target. When the target distance is achieved, Anlene will donate $25,000 to help the underprivileged seniors at Lions Befrienders, the adopted charity for the At Your Best with Anlene campaign.

If you prefer to ride your own bicycles outdoors or at the gym, you can also pledge the distance that you will be completing and post a photo with the hashtag #Anlene250 on Facebook or Instagram.

Date: 22 to 28 August 2016 (Jurong Point), 2 to 5 September 2016 (Bedok Central), 8 to 11 September 2016 (NEX Mall)

Time: 12pm to 8pm

More details here.

5. Holiday Camp @ Playeum: Hands-on Budding Entomologists

september school holiday 2016 activities

During this 4-day holiday camp, children aged 6 to 12 will get up-close to the bugs (think, insects, spiders, worms, snails and more) living in and around Playeum’s Children’s Centre for Creativity. Through daily walks, photography, drawing and research, they will be encouraged to observe the way of life and habits of bugs and raise questions in which they will be guided to answer by themselves.

On the last day of camp, parents will be invited to a mini exhibition to celebrate the children’s learning journey and friendships formed along the way. By the end of the camp, children will be inspired to continue their observations of the world around them.

Date: 6 to 9 September 2016

Time: 10am to 1pm

Venue: Playeum @ 47 Malan Road #01-23 Gillman Barracks

Cost: $290 per child

More details here.

6. Family Time Precious Time @ Enabling Village

september school holiday 2016 activities

Organised by Families for Life, this free event aims to provide opportunities for all to enjoy family time while supporting the integration of people with disabilities in the community.

Some family-friendly highlights to look forward to includes:

  • Food Decoration Classes (conducted by a chef from SHATEC)
  • Indoor movie screening
  • Bouncy castles
  • Art & Craft corner
  • Talk on caring for an elderly

There will also be a donation drive booth, where you will receive a limited edition Families for Life Picnic Basket and a Sharity Elephant keychain with a donation of $10. All proceeds will go to the Community Chest.

Date: 3 September 2016

Time: 3pm to 9pm (Registration starts at 2.30pm)

Venue: Enabling Village @ 20 Lengkok Bahru

More details here.


Got kids who are taking the PSLE next year? Go to the next page for a list of holiday workshops to help them kick start the preparations.

MindChamps Read-Along App

The MindChamps Read-Along mobile app is a story time app specially developed for children from 3 to 9 years old.
With this app, you can
• Customise your child’s library of online books based on his/her literacy level
• Test your child’s level of comprehension after each story with simple guided questions
• Improve your child’s memory with simple memory games
• Entertain your child with the built-in colouring activities
• Choose to listen to the narrator or record your own narration so that your child can listen to it even when you are not around
• And much more…

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June Holiday 2016: 15 Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

With a break from school for four weeks, the June holiday presents plenty of opportunities for your kids to discover new places, enjoy their favourite activities and catch up with their studies as they prepare for the new semester in school.

We believe that as with all things in life, it is good to strike a good balance between work and play to make the learning experience more enjoyable for children. To help you get started, we have narrowed down the following list of activities which you and your kids might enjoy during the one-month holiday:

* Some of these activities come with discount codes and offers, so do look out for them and apply upon booking/registration.

1. Skate with Us Superheroes Summer Skate Camp (3 to 12 years old)

june holiday 2016 activities

Help your children learn to be more resilient by changing the way they think about challenges and adversities. At this superheroes-themed summer skate camp, they will get a dose of inspiration to rediscover their strengths, self-confidence, creativity and personal worth through skating. The combination of all these will empower them to manage their emotions and handle adversity in a proactive way.

Designed with both skaters and non-skaters with zero skating knowledge in mind, campers will get to learn at their own pace and pick up or improve their skating skills. Choices of full day and half day camps are available.

Dates: Starts from 30 May 2016 (Refer to list of dates here)
Time: 9.30am to 12pm / 9.30am to 5pm
Venue: Bishan Park, East Coast Park or West Coast Park
Admission: From $198/child (Includes meals and/or snacks)
Note: Register in groups of 3 or more and enjoy $30 off admission fees for each camper. One-time registration fee of $30 applies.
Click here for more details.


2. MindChamps Pirates Ahoy! Reading & Writing Workshops (3 to 9 years old)

june holiday 2016 activities

MindChamps’ Reading and Writing holiday workshops take kids on an exciting literacy sailing journey with Pirate Di and Pirate Jo!

In The Reading Mission, kids 3 to 6 years old get to experience Integrated Phonics (through songs, rhymes and poems) and Listening and Reading Comprehension (through Immersive Reading Strategies) by going on a fun adventure.

Meanwhile, P1 to P3 kids can brush up their writing skills by joining in The Writing Mission. Go on a scavenger hunt with Pirate Jo to unravel a treasure trove of Adjectives, Conjunctions and Verbs.

Here’s a great chance for your kids to learn all about creative writing in a memorable way!

The Reading Mission (3 to 6 years old)

Date: 1 June 2016
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Admission: $68/child (Key in MC0516 on the online booking form to enjoy 15% off)
Note: One parent is required to attend.

The Writing Mission (6 to 9 years old)
Date & Time:

2 June 2016 – 2pm to 4pm
6 June 2016 – 10am to 12pm / 2pm to 4pm
Admission: $89/child (Key in MC0516 on the online booking form to enjoy 15% off)
Venue: MindChamps HQ, Toa Payoh HDB Hub East Wing Level 17
Click here for more details.


3. MindChamps Champion Mind Programme (7 and 8 years old)

june holiday 2016 activities

With the focus during your child’s schooling years shifting from pure academics to building aptitude and overall development, it is important that he/she adopts a positive attitude and the right mindset in order to excel.

MindChamps’ proprietary Champion Mind programme was designed by leading education experts to empower your child with the crucial learning, thinking and communication skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. Book a seat for this workshop during the school holiday to let your child experience the programme.


Date: 1 to 2 June 2016
Time: 10am to 1pm
Venue: MindChamps HQ, Toa Payoh HDB Hub East Wing Level 17
Admission: $68/child (Key in MC0516 on the online booking form to enjoy 15% off)
Click here for more details.


4. MindChamps PSLE Grand Prix Workshops (For P5 students in 2016)

Give your child a good head start in preparing for PSLE by revisiting the key concepts in English, Maths, Science and Chinese through MindChamps’ “Formula 1” themed holiday workshops. Here, your child will gain a better understanding of the curriculum through engaging classroom activities and projects, and learn effective exam strategies that will help them excel in PSLE with confidence.

1 June 2016 (Math)
2 June 2016 (English)
3 June 2016 (Science)
6 June 2016 (Chinese)
Time: 9am to 1pm
Venue: MindChamps HQ, Toa Payoh HDB Hub East Wing Level 17
Admission: $98/child per subject (Key in MC0516 on the online booking form to enjoy 15% off)
Click here for more details.


5. Aviva SuperFundae (3 to 12 years old)

june school holiday 2016 activities

Aviva SuperFundae is a one-of-a-kind “funival” where you can enjoy a wide range of play activities with your family. Some highlights to look forward to include the Numakiki Jungle Obstacle, CrayCraySpray Water Spray, Beer Dash, hands-on artsy workshops and more. Do join in this all-day celebration to fill the school holidays with sunshine and happiness.

Date: 4 June 2016
Time: 10am to 9pm
Venue: Gardens by the Bay
Admission: $19.90 for all-day play (Per adult and child aged 3 and above – Present your PAssion Card to enjoy 10% off)
Bundled ticket deals are available. $1 SISTIC fee applies for each ticket.
Click here for more details.


Inspire your kids with a positive attitude to help them excel in school – then go on a treasure hunt as a family and build your very own Hello Kitty robot. More June holiday activities on the next page. 

Young Champions® – A 2.5-Day Workshop that will Change Your Child’s Life!

A core requirement of MindChamps’ Professor Snyder’s Thinking Cap Learning System programme for P5 and P6 students, the Young Champions workshop is typically held over 2.5 days during the March school holidays at MindChamps HQ.

From sessions that push champs out of their comfort zone to hands-on activities that demonstrate that nothing is impossible when they put their minds (and the right strategies) to it, these form part of the exciting line-up during the Young Champions workshop. At every Young Champions workshop, it is truly amazing to witness the transformation of their energy as they strive to keep up with the fast pace of the programme and participate eagerly in all the activities and sessions.

Here’s a sneak preview of a recent Young Champions workshop:

mindchamps young champions workshop
Young Champs warming up at the start of the day.
mindchamps young champions workshop
Session in progress…
All geared-up for the activities
Participants all geared-up for the activities
mindchamps young champions workshop
Now, what could the trainer be doing with a squirt gun?
mindchamps young champions
The Assists demonstrating a key concept – can they still stay on in this position after that last chair is removed?
mindchamps young champions workshop
Mr David Chiem, Founder, Chairman & Group CEO of MindChamps, hosted a motivational session with the Champs.
mindchamps young champions workshop
A hands-on activity which demonstrates that anything is possible if we set our minds to it.
mindchamps young champions workshop
The 2.5-day workshop was wrapped up with the group performances.


A young Champ shares his thoughts on the Young Champions workshop:

mindchamps young champions workshop
Enson Yip (in purple t-shirt), a young champ who participated in the workshop recently shares his thoughts with us.

“After the workshop, I learnt that life and study time are like a game. There will be both fun and frustrating moments. While games have rules, there are deadlines and scores to work towards when it comes to homework. I am responsible for my homework and I need to put in not 100%, but 110% commitment.

“I enjoyed the hilarious stories from Mr Steve and Mr Faizal, and am happy that I managed to break through my physical and psychological barriers. I hope that I can join in the next Young Champions workshop at MindChamps.”

Enson Yip, 11 years old, Young Champions 2016 workshop participant


Find out more about MindChamps’ signature programme Professor Snyder’s Thinking Cap Learning System and how your child could benefit from it. 


Diamond Rain

raining diamonds

Imagine this.

Tomorrow, when you wake up, you swing your legs out of bed, find your slippers with your feet, and make your way across to the window to open the blind and let in the new day.

It is raining. Again.

Nothing particularly unusual, you might think – except that as you watch the rain falling down outside the window, you realise that this time it is different.

Because, this time, instead of raining… rain, it is raining diamonds. Beautiful, brilliant-cut, high-quality stones – some the size of pigeon eggs, some barely a carat, but all of them perfect.

The breakfast announcer on the radio, his voice even more hysterical than usual, informs you that this miraculous diamond rain phenomenon is repeating itself across the entire planet, on every continent, in every major population centre. Billions and billions of the precious stones, falling like a gift from the heavens.

For a moment, it is better than Christmas. A fortune dropping out of the sky; yours to pick up and possess.

You rush outside to fill your pockets. Perhaps you take a shopping bag, so that you can gather even more of the treasure.

Some of your neighbours are already out there, raking the stones into piles, shovelling them into wheel-barrows or sacks, smiling like Aladdin in the cave of the forty-thieves.

But then you stop, as the realisation strikes.

There is no point in rushing to gather up the precious stones, to store them away like a squirrel’s cache of winter nuts.

The phenomenon is worldwide. Which means…

That from today on, diamonds will be as common, worldwide, as pebbles or rocks.

That the value of a diamond will, therefore, be about the same as that of a pebble or rock.

Virtually worthless.

And that goes for the diamonds which in the past, you spent so much of your hard-earned salary to buy.

We live, today in an era akin to the diamond rain of this imaginary scenario. The sky has not unleashed a storm of the once-precious stones, of course, but human ingenuity has, almost overnight, devalued what has been, for most of human history, the most valuable commodity known to Man – information.

Like the diamonds in our story, it falls from the air around us, bidding us to pick it up and use it – but as we will discover later – its very availability renders it, in and of itself, almost valueless.

In the world of the Information Revolution, our concepts of information and knowledge – and of education itself – are in drastic need of a rethink.

Information – in the sense of raw data – is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other and we need them all.
~Arther C.Clarke (scientist and author)

The above is a modified abstract from the book ‘The 3-Mind Revolution‘.
3-Mind Revolution discusses the concept of a “trinity of minds” that consists of:

  • The Champion Mind
  • The Learning Mind, and
  • The Creative Mind

If we are to negotiate our way successfully through our exciting new world, all the three minds need to develop in unison. Join our complimentary workshop to learn more about how MindChamps programmes are specially designed by experts in the fields of education, neurology, psychology and theatre from around the world, to develop the 3 minds of young children.

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