MindChamps PreSchool Reviews by Parents from Bukit Merah

At MindChamps, we pride ourselves on being parents’ best choice of preschool.

Here, we feature some of our parents’ reviews of MindChamps PreSchool @ Bukit Merah.

1. MindChamps Parents of Lucas Tan

mindchamps parents of lucas tan

It has been 3 weeks since Lucas joined MindChamps @ Bukit Merah. We are pleased to see that he has quickly adapted to the new environment.

We thank the MindChamps for making this smooth transition possible. We are also heartened that Lucas is sending us positive feedback.

With the good teaching padeagogies, favorable student-to-teacher ratio and modern school facilities, we believe Lucas will enjoy the daily school activities and be fostered with good hands for primary education and beyond.

Kudos to the MindChamps team for the good work!

2. MindChamps Parents of Si Xuan

mindchamps 2

We would like to also take this opportunity to say Thank You to the team at MindChamps @ Bukit Merah. Thank you for the patience, support and constant feedback during this first 5 months.

Si Xuan required “special attention” due to her medical issue and so far she has been in good care from the team.

Si Xuan definitely has learn, developed and grown so much from both physical and emotional aspect ever since she started her learning journey with MindChamps. We are so excited and proud of her progress and achievements in just this short period of time. We know she is in good hands at MindChamps. 😊

All we want for Si Xuan is for her to stay happy, strong and healthy. We want her to enjoy every moment she has with her teachers and friends in the school. We want her to be able to experience and enjoy what other kids at her age are doing and grow up confidently. We love to hear from her sharing with us what she has done with her teachers and friends at MindChamps everyday, and to know how much she has enjoyed herself in the school!

3. MindChamps parents of Gareth and Genette

mindchamps 3

We are happy that Gareth & Genette joined MindChamps since Jan 2015. From the weekly updates from the centre, it can be seen that they have been enjoying their time in MindChamps @ Bukit Merah and look forward to days when they have gym and gourmet lessons.

Whenever they share of their experience, it can be heard that lessons are fun. Gareth has shown willingness to express himself through dancing and singing, something that he dreads doing when he was in previous childcare centre. While Genette has picked up Mandarin from ground zero and has been conversing and singing Chinese songs! It has been impressive how she picks up the language within three months with MindChamps. Thank you MindChamps teachers for the patience and effort put into nurturing the children and respecting them as individuals.

4. MindChamps Parents of Ondrei

mindchamps 4

Moving my son from Manila to Singapore was a big change for him, not to mention to me and my husband as well.

But that transition was made a lot easier by the help of the very supportive staff at MindChamps most especially the N1 teachers who patiently helped my son, Ondrei adjust to his new environment.

In a month’s time, Ondrei has learned to express himself using the English language and he has learned a lot of Chinese words and songs too and his solid food intake has greatly improved!

Since he joined the school, reading has become our favorite bonding time before bed and sometimes it is him who reads to me! Being at MindChamps also helped him become more confident in expressing himself and it helped him become more obedient.

Thank you to all the directors, principal, teachers & support staff at MindChamps who tirelessly give their care & support to champs like my dear Ondrei.

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