26 Little Things that Mean a Lot to Your Children

things that mean a lot to children

Sharing special moments with your children need not be a complicated or extravagant affair – all you need to do is to take a few minutes each day to show them how much you love and appreciate them. While some of these tiny surprises may seem silly to you, to your children these are memories which they will remember for years to come.

Here are some simple gestures that you can start off with to make your child’s day:

  1. Slip a note (or a tiny piece of chocolate) into their lunch box.
  2. Go for short walks with each child individually to enjoy quality one-on-one time.
  3. Put up their artwork on the fridge door, or frame it up and put it in your bedroom.
  4. Have them teach you something they know, instead of you teaching them everything all the time. Once you get the hang of it, tell them that they make a great teacher.
  5. Wear the DIY necklace they made for you as often as possible – after all, they put a lot of love and effort into this masterpiece!
  6. Set their picture as your phone background or desktop wallpaper.
  7. Say “yes” to something you won’t usually let them do once in a while, such as having ice cream before dinner.
  8. Show them photos of yourself as a child, and compare them with their baby pictures.
  9. Write a note that says “I love you” in a variety of ways – spell it out, draw a picture or use stickers – and hide them in unexpected places for them to track down.
  10. Let them fight their own battles and stand up for themselves during play dates, and only step in when necessary.
  11. Make dinner time fun: blow bubbles after dessert or have everyone wear party hats – they will always look back to silly family moments like this!
  12. Put down your phone and cuddle with them for small talk before bedtime.
  13. Say “yes” instead of “in a little while” when they ask you for something.
  14. Praise them for something they did right each day, and do keep an eye out for that attribute.
  15. Shower them with big hugs and kisses, even if they resist.
  16. Resist from flooding them with “how was school today?” questions if they look grumpy and tired. Having this conversation over dinner might be a better idea.
  17. Let them overhear you say something wonderful about them.
  18. Print and frame up their childhood photos to remind them of the beautiful moments of growing up.
  19. When they make a fuss, don’t be too quick to tell them to let it go. They are entitled to vent their frustrations too.
  20. Make pancakes in their favourite shapes for breakfast.
  21. Thank them when they help out with house chores willingly – even if it involves simple things like hanging their own towel or putting their dirty laundry into the basket.
  22. Read them their favourite book before bedtime.
  23. Sit down with them to play and paint, and stop fretting over the mess they are making. Cleaning up can come later, but memories like this last a lifetime!
  24. Put on their favourite music and have a dance party at home.
  25. Put up a family mantra on your fridge door (Unstoppable! We can, we will – because we’ve got this!), and remind them about it when they feel like giving up.
  26. Start a family tradition so that they have something to look forward to: Pizza Fridays, Saturday evening jog, year-end holidays.


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