10 Stories about Singapore to Read with Your children

As we celebrate Singapore’s birthday this August, you might want to take a walk down memory lane and paint a picture in your child’s mind of how our Little Red Dot progressed from its sleepy state to the bustling city it is today.

These books will definitely come in handy to help your little champs learn and discover more about Singapore, its founding leaders and to see for themselves how different life was back then.

1. The Timmy & Tammy series

stories about singapore
(Photo: Timmy and Tammy Facebook)

In this book series for pre-schoolers, young readers are taken on colourful adventures all over Singapore – from popular spots like the Singapore Flyer and Chinatown to everyday places such as the food court and MRT. Through these stories, young readers will get to brush up their reading skills and have fun with the activity at the back.

Author: Ruth Wan


2. A Boy Named Harry: The Childhood of Lee Kuan Yew

stories about singapore
(Photo: Epigram Books)

The late MM Lee spent his growing up years doing what other kids his age did in the 1920s: playing with spinning tops, marbles, kites, and fighting fish. Playtime aside, he was also a hardworking student who worked his way to earn a scholarship at the prestigious Raffles College.

Parents, you can use this picture book to share the values and contributions of our founding father with your kids, while encouraging them to work hard towards their goals and dreams.

Author: Patrick Yee


3. Danger Dan Tackles The Majulah Mayhem

stories about singapore
(Photo: Closetful of Books)

Get ready to go on a time-travelling adventure with superheroes Danger Dan and Gadget Girl. Here, they are faced with the challenge of stopping the composer of the Singapore national anthem from giving up on music. But the time warp is a whole lot more than Danger Dan expected, with riots, spicy noodles and a flood standing in their way.

Authors: Lesley-Anne and Monica Lim


4. Secrets of Singapore

stories about singapore
(Photo: Closetful of Books)

Danger Dan and Gadget Girl are back, this time to uncover our nation’s past – all the way from the Sang Nila Utama era in 1299 right up to the glory days of independence in 1965.

Join this superhero pair as they investigate intriguing areas seldom found in history books and unearth facts such as:

  • How long was the very first MRT ride?
  • Which animals have escaped the Singapore Zoo?
  • Where can one see a tiger car? (What is a tiger car, anyway?)

Get your answers to these questions in Danger Dan and Gadget Girl’s guide to Singapore’s past!

Authors: Lesley-Anne and Monica Lim


5. Makan Time!

stories about singapore
(Photo: Closetful of Books)

Sarah looks forward to going out with Grandpa because it always means that it’s Makan Time!

Join Sarah and her grandfather in this bilingual picture book as they discover local cuisines such as Nasi Lemak and Roti Prata. If there’s one lesson to be learnt from these foodie adventures, it’s got to be that every day is a new journey waiting to be unveiled if we open our hearts and minds by trying new things.

Author: Sharon Ismail (Translated by Rilla Melati Bahri)


Have you heard of the tale of a “Peranakan woman who lived in a shoe”? More on this and other stories about our little red dot on the next page.


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