“Turn Off Your Mobile Phone” and 5 Other Ways to Make Your Spouse Feel Special

how to make your spouse feel special

In the midst of our daily rush, we sometimes take the person closest to us for granted. Here are some simple suggestions for you to spend time with your spouse and let him/her know that he/she is special to you in every way.

1. Keep in Touch with Messages

Even when you are busy, a short note to let your spouse know that you are thinking about him/her will make him/her feel special and important.

2. Turn Your Mobile Phone Off

Set your mobile phone to silent or airplane mode when you are having a meal together. Give your undivided attention to each other.

3. Take up a New Hobby

Setting aside time to take up a new hobby together will mean that you will learn something together and interact with each other in new ways. Find something which you both like and set aside some time each week to pursue it.

4. Set Aside Time

Make time for each other every week. You don’t have to plan anything grand, just let each other know that you will not make any other commitments and then plan to spend that time doing something you both enjoy and which is only for yourselves. In other words, don’t spend that time queuing up to collect your daughter’s registered letter from the post office – go for coffee together instead!

5. Have Breakfast Together

Start your day together! Even if it is a quick bite at the coffee shop on your way to work, or perhaps 30 minutes at your dining table each morning, breakfast is a wonderful time to connect. Dinners are often a time when the entire family gets together, but breakfast can be a time for just the two of you.

6. Exercise Together

Some couples find that getting up half an hour earlier and going for a morning walk, or making time for a weekly jog in the park is a great way to achieve more. You’ll get to spend quality time with your spouse and improve your health at the same time!


This article is a simplified version of the original article, “30 Ways to Spend More Time with Your Family”. Republished with permission from Families for Life.


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