15 Small Yet Impactful Actions to Make Your Kids Feel Loved

actions to make your kids feel loved

Can you remember what made you feel loved as a kid? Think about it. Maybe you remember having a great time with your parents, holidays, being helped with homework or just telling them a few secrets.

As a parent now, are you making the effort to make your kids feel loved? Very often, it is the small things that count. Here are 15 ways to make your kids feel loved. When you become grandparents, you will be touched that they still remember them.

1. Turn Off your Smartphone

actions to make your kids feel loved

When you get home or your kids get back from school, turn off your phone and give them your full attention at least for the first half hour or so. Kids love this because they know you are not going to be distracted by texts as they tell you what happened at school. The Swedish government did a poll and discovered that 33% of kids complained that their parents were always on their smartphones.

2. Turn Off the TV and All Gadgets at Mealtimes

actions to make your kids feel loved

Not much fun when kids have to compete with the TV or that everybody is texting away. Mealtimes are rare moments to enjoy each other’s company. There are enormous advantages for kids. They eat more healthily as it is not rushed. They also enjoy the companionship of their parents and they are much less likely to have an eating disorder later on in life.

3. Make Bedtime a Precious Moment

actions to make your kids feel loved

With younger kids, they will always treasure those moments when you read them a story as they drift happily into sleep. It is enormously reassuring and provides a unique bonding experience for parents and kids. The extra bonus is that this also helps your child’s brain development.

Build a love of reading and writing in your child during the early years with MindChamps Reading & Writing programmes. Book a complimentary literacy assessment for your child now to get started!

4. Show Physical Affection

actions to make your kids feel loved

Countless studies show that kids thrive on warmth and affection. Your child feels loved and will have a greater self-esteem. There is no need to go overboard but a kiss or a hug once a day will do you both a lot of good. It lessens the chances of your kids becoming aggressive, anti-social and having other behavioural problems. While adolescents might be embarrassed at the physical affection, there should always be words of support and empathy to take its place.

5. Spend Quality Time with Each Child

actions to make your kids feel loved

It is wonderful when a parent or both parents can spend quality time on a one-on-one basis with their kids. This is great because they feel special when their siblings are not around. It can be anything from playing sports, cooking, or helping with chores. There is no better way of showing your kids that you really love and cherish them.


Leaving funny and affectionate notes and simply by looking into your child’s eyes tell all of your love for him/her. More on this on the next page.


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