6 Study Habits that will Help Your Child Succeed in School

study habits to help kids succeed

With every new school term that comes around, there will be homework to get done, as well as tests and exams to prepare for. How well your child fares in these academic areas largely depends on the study habits that they adopt and how they feel towards study and homework time.

As parents, you play an important role of being their pillar of support who encourages and motivates them, while providing a conducive study environment and schedule to help them learn well. After all, studies have shown that children whose parents place a high value on education tend to do significantly better in school than those who don’t.

Here are some things you can do to instil good study habits in your child and help them work towards success during the school year:

1. Set up a routine

As with everything else that your child does at home, establishing some ground rules for study time helps them develop discipline and lets them know what is expected of them.

One of the first things you can do to get them into “study mode” is to set a study routine at a designated time and place, which ideally should be consistent every day. You can get this started by allowing them some “down time” to relax after school before they settle down with their books to tackle the day’s homework or to revise for an upcoming test/exam for a set number of hours. Once they get the hang of this study routine, they should be able to follow this on a daily basis which helps to minimise last minute cramming before an exam.


2. Designate a study spot

Your child’s study environment is another key factor that determines how well he/she studies at home. Oftentimes, families make the mistake of allowing their children to study in a place that may not be the most conducive for concentrating (e.g. the dining area, which is within reach of the TV). The key here is to choose a spot that is free from distractions and which provides a quiet learning environment.

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3. Start a study plan

Take note of all the key dates in the school year (i.e. term exams and breaks), and get your child involved as well. Work on a study calendar together and mark the dates and topics to work on each week.

You can also help him/her set study goals so that he/she has something to work towards. Start by finding out the trend on exam questions and dedicate time for your child to practice doing them every week. With frequent practice, he/she will get better with every try.


You’ll be surprised to find out how study breaks and a positive mindset can do wonders to help your child learn better. Find out more on the next page.


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