psle preparation in p5

5 Things You Can Do to Help Your P5 Child Prepare for PSLE

psle preparation in p5

We all want our children to do well in their studies and exams, especially the all-important PSLE in Primary 6. While current P6 students are feeling the stress and are frantically doing what they can to prepare for PSLE which is just months away, this does not make things any easier for your child in Primary 5 who will be in the exact situation next year.

Education experts often recommend early preparation as the secret to PSLE success. But what can you and your child do to kick start the PSLE preparations now without letting stress get to the both of you?

Here are some areas to focus on to help you and your child stay ahead of the PSLE preparations in P5:

1. Start a study timetable and set realistic targets

Start preparing for the big exam early by drawing up a practical and realistic study timetable to help your child get the most out of the time he/she has available. From the timetable, both of you can zoom in further to establish realistic and measurable goals which he/she is confident about achieving.

If your child is not one who has been scoring straight A’s throughout his/her primary school life, it may not be realistic to expect him/her to work towards that for PSLE. Instead, since your child has the advantage of time on his/her side, you could encourage him/her to focus on perfecting one module at a time before moving on to the next. By conquering the task in bite-sized pieces, your child’s confidence level will increase and his/her performance might just surpass both your expectations.

2. Reinforce the relevance of studying

Discuss with your child on his/her aspirations in terms of the secondary school, junior college or university that he/she hopes to attend. However, be mindful and nurturing about the way you approach the subject and do refrain from making judgemental remarks which may make your child feel discouraged. This discussion will help to reinforce the reasons why he/she should put in the effort to study hard and get good results for PSLE, because at the end of the day all these will help him/her reach his/her goals.

3. Explore proven study methods and exam strategies

Instead of letting your child get caught up in a marathon of assessment books and past exam papers, take some time to look up on study methods that can help him/her prepare for the exams better. Try them out and see if they are suitable for your child and make necessary tweaks according to your child’s strengths. Talking to his/her teachers and other parents whose children have gone through PSLE on strategies for tackling exam questions helps to make the study preparation more effective.

4. Instil a positive mindset towards learning

Oftentimes, the one thing that is holding back your child in reaching his/her fullest potential lies in his/her lack of interest in learning. You can help to turn this around by zooming in on what is expected of your child for each subject to ease his/her confusion and frustrations towards the study preparation.  With the right mindset and learning strategies in place, your child will be able to handle the PSLE preparations with confidence and ease.

5. Practice balance and don’t leave fun out of the picture

Although you are helping your child stay on track of his/her PSLE preparations, it is equally important to create a balance in his/her life. Make sure your child gets enough rest and has enough time to destress by doing other things that interest him/her such as watching TV, spending time with friends or playing his/her favourite sports. This teaches your child about goal-setting and achievement while taking care of his/her emotional and physical growth and well-being to avoid getting a burnout.



Kick Start Your Child’s PSLE Preparation with MindChamps Enrichment Programmes

Apart from helping your child start his/her study plans for PSLE early with the suggested actions discussed above, you can take this a step further by enrolling him/her for the following MindChamps Enrichment programmes:

Professor Snyder’s Thinking Cap Learning System (For P1 & P2)

psle preparation in p5

Let your child benefit from MindChamps’ proprietary Professor Snyder’s Thinking Cap Learning System that meets and goes beyond the latest requirements in the MOE curriculum. This programme empowers your children with effective learning and thinking skills to help them excel in school, and fosters emotional resilience and effective communication skills in them. The combination of all these skills will greatly benefit him/her during the learning journey in primary and secondary school, as well as upon moving on to tertiary studies and beyond.

Primary 5 Success™/PSLE Success™

psle preparation in p5

MindChamps’ Primary 5 Success™ and PSLE Success™ programme is developed with the specific purpose of equipping your child with proven strategies to excel in his/her PSLE English, Maths, Science and Chinese exams with confidence. In line with MOE’s syllabus, the programme features the proprietary OPTIMAL FLOW METHOD™, a special ‘brain-friendly’ approach to learning the curriculum where students learn to actively understand and recall concepts effectively. This method has been found to be more effective compared to when subjects are taught separately and students struggle with joining the pieces into a coherent whole.

Ask us about our “100% Money Back Guarantee” terms when you enrol your child in the Primary 5 Success/PSLE Success by August 2016!


Find out more about the programmes and enjoy great savings when you enrol your child by 30 June 2016!

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