MindChamps Reading or Writing Experiential Class

Before enrolling your child in any enrichment programme, it is important for him/her to feel comfortable with the environment, feel safe with the teachers, and more importantly enjoy the lesson. With this in mind, MindChamps is putting your child as our first priority.
We are introducing our first-ever MindChamps Reading & Writing experiential class (4 lessons only) for your child to experience the environment and enjoy the lesson delivery first-hand!

By joining the experiential class, your child will^:
~ Develop the passion and understanding for reading or writing
~ Actively understand what is read or written
~ Improve his/her reading or writing standards
~ Fully engage in the creative process for reading or writing

For a limited time period, you can introduce the Reading (3 – 7 years old) or Writing (K2 – P3) experiential class to your child for only $288*!
Sign up today to see the difference in your child and let them experience a new way of learning!

Make a booking here: http://www.mindchamps.org/experience-mindchamps

*Experiential class is valid for 4 lessons only. Classes signed up are not refundable. Strict follow-up on class schedule is required. Assessment is required for reading class. Register by 15 Feb 2016. Other terms and conditions apply.

^Child development in learning will vary depending on level.


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