age appropriate chores for kids

Benefits of Getting Kids to Help Out with House Chores

age appropriate chores for kids

If you find yourself feeling over-exhausted at the end of the night after racing to complete the day’s chores at home, it may be time to get help from your kids!

Apart from easing your load, there are many benefits of getting kids to help in house chores from as early as possible, such as:

  • It helps them understand the value of teamwork
  • It instils discipline in them when they make an effort to complete their daily assigned chores
  • It gives them confidence in their own abilities and teaches them domestic skills they’ll need later on in life
  • It teaches them about responsibility, and how to look after themselves and others
  • It makes them realise that Mum is not there just to pick up and clean up after them. This helps to ease any frustration or negative feelings you may have about being taken for granted.

“Chores are a normal part of everyday life and it is important that children learn to understand this as young as possible,” says Sarah Ockwell-Smith, author of ToddlerCalm, an empowering guide to help parents of toddlers confidently enjoy the first years with their child. “Children need to understand that they are expected to contribute to all parts of family life,” she adds.

Expert Advice on Getting Kids to Help Out with Chores

age appropriate chores for kids

While some kids jump in at the opportunity to help out with house chores, not all will show the same level of enthusiasm.

Sarah emphasises that when we, as parents, start incorporating age-appropriate chores in our kids’ daily life from toddlerhood, they are more likely to accept them as part of life rather than finding means and ways to escape from doing chores. This, in turn, creates a happier home environment where arguments and resistance towards house chores are kept minimal. “If the child sees their chores as an everyday expectation, you are likely to experience a harmonious household for as long as they live with you,” she adds.

However, experts advise parents to keep the chores assigned to their children age-appropriate to ensure that they are developmentally ready to tackle those tasks.

Need some suggestions for age-appropriate chores for kids? Check out our list on the next page…


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