how to connect with teens

6 Ways to Connect with Your Teens Every Day

how to connect with teens

Once your children are in their teenage years, spending time together becomes even more important, and at the same time, challenging. It takes a little more effort, but finding daily time for your tees is possible.

1. Car Ride Conversations

Take the opportunity to talk to your teen whilst you are travelling together. Cars are one of the cosiest places to chat in, and often, both of you won’t have much else to do except talk during a car ride. So seize the chance and offer to drive them to their destination!

2. Do Good

Teenagers are inspired to volunteer and make a difference in the world around them. Find a cause which you both feel strongly about and sign up together. Attend the meetings and activities regularly, volunteer and spend quality time together.

3. Step into Your Teen’s World

Show an interest in an activity they are passionate about. Whether it happens to be cosplay or basketball or building model airplanes, talk to your teen about it. Find out if there is a way for you to be a part of it. If that’s not possible, then listen and learn about it from them so you can talk to them about it and understand why they are so excited about their chosen activity.

4. Chat with Your Teen

Connect with your teen through chat functions on your phone. They may not necessarily want to befriend you on social media, but sending short, encouraging chat messages regularly can help you stay in touch with your teen just as effectively.

5. Welcome Your Teen’s Friends

Teens are discovering the social world beyond their immediate family. They spend inordinate amounts of time with their friends, finding out who they are as individuals and learning how to operate in groups which go beyond the family. If you open your home to them and welcome their friends, you will not only get to see more of your teens, but also get to know what sort of company they are keeping.

6. Spend Time Each Day with Your Teen

Even if it is only five minutes a day, allocate time in which you can spend with your teen. Maybe you want to make sure that you are there when they come home in the evenings to say hello and to ask them how their day went. Or perhaps you make it a point to spend five minutes talking to them just before they go to bed as you wish each other goodnight. Find a way to have a specific and dedicated time each day for a short conversation. This way, if they ever feel that they need to speak with you about something important, they know that there is this time in the day when you will definitely be there for them.

This article is a simplified version of the original article, “30 Ways to Spend More Time with Your Family”. Republished with permission from Families for Life.


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