MindChamps PreSchool @ Upper Thomson

MindChamps PreSchool @ Upper Thomson
MindChamps PreSchool Upper Thomson
9 Tagore Lane, #01-08, 9@Tagore, Singapore 787472

MindChamps PreSchool @ Upper Thomson attracts students living nearby and beyond; Punggol, Sengkang, Sembawang and Yishun. Those who travel a distance have been referred to us by existing parents. They feel that the school has a very open culture and the teachers are friendly and approachable. Another advantage is that the parking is free for the first fifteen minutes to allow for convenient drop off/pick up their child at the entrance of the school.

Champs learning about plants
Parents, Teacher and Champs excursion to Science Centre

MindChamps PreSchool @ Upper Thomson has a dynamic atmosphere where everyone in the environment is continuously learning, interacting and building new relationships. Our resource materials are purchased from Europe and UK and hygiene standards are always kept at its optimum level ensuring the health and safety of our Champs and teachers at all times!

Our Champs with her presentation skills
Arts and Crafts

All teachers undergo the MindChamps 200 hours of training. They also go through on the job training with proper guidance and mentoring. In addition, our teachers constantly upgrade themselves by taking up extra-curricular courses in the evenings after work.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Our teachers send out weekly updates every Friday, one in English and another in Chinese. They communicate with parents via one-to-one email exchanges and/or phone calls throughout the week. Teachers also write in the connection book regularly (at least once a week) to update parents.

To see more photos, please click HERE

MindChamps PreSchool @ Upper Thomson is now having a Welcome Day, click HERE to make a visit.


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