How to best start preparing for the PSLE Examination?

How children fare in their PSLE will determine their choices in their secondary and tertiary studies, and potentially their future. Students who fare poorly in exams are more often than not failing to connect with the content they are being taught. It is seldom a reflection on the children’s ability, or even on the curriculum content. Rather, the method of instruction is failing the children.

In traditional learning environments, pieces of a subject are often taught in isolation, and the students fail to grasp an overview of the whole or make connections between the units. They learn content without understanding it. Consequently, students feel overwhelmed by information and the ensuing stress worsens their performance.

You may ask, what can my child do to stop the loss of information and start connecting again? What is needed is a learning strategy that joins all the pieces together and helps make the important cognitive and emotional connections. By having a learning strategy, effective learning will then provide the overall picture and organises information so that it provides a natural – and ‘brain friendly’ flow – This is the principle behind MindChamps Optimal Flow Method of learning. The Optimal Flow Method helps students connect the new information to concepts they have already understood, to create a new and more complete understanding

Join us in this Primary 5/6 PSLE workshop and pick up useful tips and techniques on how your child can start re-connecting and tackle the PSLE.

Workshop Details:
Date: 16 August 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Fee: Complimentary
Venue: MindChamps @ Toa Payoh HDB Hub East Wing, Level 17

Join now


What will my child learn at the end of the workshop?
– How content mastery can help fill in the missing gaps from the curriculum

What will I (as parents) benefit from this workshop?

– How the PSLE aggregate score will affect my child’s placement in secondary schools
– What successful PSLE students know that I don’t
– Why is my child not improving after 5 years of primary school and tuition

Who is suitable for this workshop?
P4 students transiting into P5 in 2016
P5 students transiting into P6 in 2016



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