MindChamps PreSchool wins Asia’s Top Brand

Thank you for making MindChamps PreSchool Asia’s Top Influential Brand (Pre-school Education Category) in Singapore! MindChamps PreSchool is a winner of the 2015 Asia’s Top Influential Brands under the pre-school education category. It is the first time that MindChamps PreSchool has been recognised as a Top Asian Influential Brand in Singapore and the second consecutive year it has been accorded the Influential Brands Top Brand … Continue reading MindChamps PreSchool wins Asia’s Top Brand

Ways to Expand Your Child’s Oral Language Skills

How do you give your child the right head start to literacy? Well meaning parents sometimes try to give their pre-school child a head start in their literacy education with regular home-teachings where their child is required to memorise the letters of the alphabet and lists of words. While it might reassure a parent to see their child remembering lots of letters and words, research … Continue reading Ways to Expand Your Child’s Oral Language Skills

Curb use of IT devices by the young

Source: The Straits Times, Pearl Lee Experts at ST Education Forum say parent-child interaction crucial during early childhood development. Young children wielding smartphones and tablet computers may be a familiar sight in Singapore, but early childhood experts yesterday cautioned parents to go slow on letting them use such devices. Read more…   Continue reading Curb use of IT devices by the young

MindChamps Reading Workshop

To ensure your young champ is able to cope with academic rigours of primary school, it is essential that he/she develops the love for reading. This parent-and-child workshop will give you insights on  how your child could develop effective reading skills through crafted activities and guided play. Your child would be introduced to Integrated Phonics Approach through songs, rhymes and poems Listening and Reading Comprehension … Continue reading MindChamps Reading Workshop

Primary school places allocated by priority

Places in a primary school are allocated by priority, through seven phases of the Primary 1 registration exercise. From Phase 2A(1), when the number of applications exceeds the vacancies available in a specific phase, balloting will be held. Children who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents (PRs) are eligible to register for admission under the first six phases – Phase 1, 2A(1), 2A(2), 2B, 2C … Continue reading Primary school places allocated by priority

Enrichment versus Tuition

Does tuition help or hinder? Survey has shown that only one third of parents said tuition helped to pull up their children’s grades. Then there are the opportunity costs. Tuition time can be better spent on sports and other activities that build skills such as leadership and teamwork, which may be more crucial for long-term success. To read more… Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/does-tuition-help-or-hinder If you wish to … Continue reading Enrichment versus Tuition

Is it important to start writing at an early age?

This is an important question, but often it is asked for all the wrong reasons – and with a misguided notion of the true nature of writing. Many parents, realising the demands that will be placed on their children in the ridiculously competitive educational environment we have created for them, ask the question as a way of creating ‘the Edge’. If I can teach my … Continue reading Is it important to start writing at an early age?

Singapore Armed Forces Exclusive!

To show our gratitude, MindChamps is now offering all SAF Regulars, Nsmen and NSFs a FREE 1 day Champion Mindset Coaching (Module 1) program worth more than $400. The program focus on the fundamentals of grooming a Champion Mindset in an individual, how you can get in tune with the children’s world and effectively communicate with them as a parent-coach. Workshop Information Date: 13 Sep … Continue reading Singapore Armed Forces Exclusive!