MindChamps Champion Value Program for P1 to P6

CHAMPION VALUES PROGRAM (P1 TO P6) An Action Oriented Approach Towards Character Development A speech by Ms Grace Fu, 17 Mar 2009 “The Ministry of Education (MOE) therefore places great importance on the building of good character and social and emotional competencies among our children and youth. As articulated in the “Desired Outcomes of Education”, MOE advocates a holistic approach to education.” –  The Opening … Continue reading MindChamps Champion Value Program for P1 to P6

P5 & P6 Success Workshop

PSLE SUCCESS WORKSHOPS (P5 & P6) Providing Your Child With The Skills To Handle PSLE Confidently PSLE English Workshop Enhance your child’s English oral communication & situational writing skills by mastering the art of debating and in writing discursive essays that are based on the arguments of a debate. Learning to debate develops your child’s ability to think contingently, reason logically and articulate his/her standpoints persuasively. … Continue reading P5 & P6 Success Workshop