MindChamps The Brand Story

Tune in to this insightful video where MindChamps Founder and Group CEO Mr David Chiem shares about the learning philosophy behind MindChamps and how he sustains & plans to take MindChamps forward.

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MindChamps Champion Value Program for P1 to P6

An Action Oriented Approach Towards Character Development

A speech by Ms Grace Fu, 17 Mar 2009
“The Ministry of Education (MOE) therefore places great importance on the building of good character and social and emotional competencies among our children and youth. As articulated in the “Desired Outcomes of Education”, MOE advocates a holistic approach to education.” –  The Opening Ceremony of the 2nd International Conference on Character Development through Service and Experiential Learning

The program nurtures children to be respectful towards others and their ideas as well as develops them to express themselves without fear. Emphasis will be placed on cultivating each child’s ability to see the beauty within others and embracing feedback as a seed for growth.

The program imparts the following champion values to facilitate the character development of each child:

Learning to appreciate the things we take for granted
Realising how fortunate we are

Embracing feedback as a seed for growth
Learning how to self-reflect, grow from it and become more confident

Embracing setbacks as setups
Prepare your child for the real challenges of life

Seeing the beauty in others
Embracing the strengths rather than the weakness
Realising inner strength to maximising it

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P5 & P6 Success Workshop

Providing Your Child With The Skills To Handle PSLE Confidently

PSLE English Workshop
Enhance your child’s English oral communication & situational writing skills by mastering the art of debating and in writing discursive essays that are based on the arguments of a debate. Learning to debate develops your child’s ability to think contingently, reason logically and articulate his/her standpoints persuasively. On the other hand, developing situational writing skills trains your child to contextualise written content to any given situation.

Date: 11 June 2015
Time: 10am – 1.30pm
Venue: Toa Payoh, HDB Hub, East Wing Level 17
Registration Fee: $68

PSLE Math Workshop
Our workshop will train your child to learn Math through interactive games & activities and apply Heuristic strategies to tackle mathematical problem sums. Above all, your child will learn to cultivate a Champion mindset to face the PSLE Math examination with confidence. This entails developing a positive frame of mind and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Date: 11 June 2015
Time: 2pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Toa Payoh, HDB Hub, East Wing Level 17
Registration Fee: $68

PSLE Chinese Workshop
Nurture your child’s ability to express himself / herself confidently and creatively in both written and spoken Chinese. To ensure your child develop these abilities, this workshop will impart within him / her the necessary skills to effectively read & comprehend Chinese Literature and how to write excellent compositions in Chinese.

Date: 15 June 2015
Time: 2pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Toa Payoh, HDB Hub, East Wing Level 17
Registration Fee: $68

PSLE Science Workshop
Our workshop adopts a hands-on learning approach that aims to deepen your child’s interest in Science and develop his / her communication, analytical and investigative abilities. This involves getting him / her conduct a Science experiment and evaluating & communicating his / her findings. In the process, your child will be exposed to our Inquiry Based Learning Method aimed at facilitating learning by raising questions based on his / her experiences and perspectives.

Date: 22 June 2015
Time: 2pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Toa Payoh, HDB Hub, East Wing Level 17
Registration Fee: $68