MindChamps sponsors 10 children from low-income families to attend Professor Snyder’s Thinking Cap Learning System program

In November 2012, 80 Primary 5 children from low-income families went through a 5-day personal breakthrough and self-empowerment workshop conducted by MindChamps as part of the Caltex PAssion for Kids: Drive for Success program. After graduating, the children were given the opportunity to continue their learning journey in MindChamps by submitting an essay chronicling their experience in the program ~ 10 deserving students were selected to attend the MindChamps’ Professor Snyder’s Thinking Cap Learning System 30-week Specialist Program commencing 5 January 2013. These champs are:

The winning champs and their trainer, in their first lesson of the Professor Snyder’s Thinking Cap Learning System program
  • Afiqah ‘Ammarah Puteri Roslan
  • Chia Yi Lin
  • Chua Kai Xin
  • Araneta, Evan Michael Addrianne Berongoy
  • Nadia Ferina Bte Kamarudin
  • Sharifah Ruqayyah Binte Syed Khalid Alsagoff
  • Nur Syahirah Bte Mohd Hanifah
  • Ng Yu Ken
  • Tai Hui Min Yuki
  • Nur Amiro Humaira Bte Jamil (not pictured)

In total, MindChamps sponsored $90,000 for the 5-day and 30-week programs. MindChamps’ Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager, Singapore, Ms Michelle Peh said, “We are indeed honoured and delighted to have the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of these children. Here at MindChamps, we are committed to lifting the standard of education and social responsibility of students for the future of our nation, especially those who would normally not have the opportunity to receive such training.”


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