MindChamps Brand Ambassador Jane Lee conquers the 7 Summits of the World

MindChamps Ambassador Jane Lee on top of her 7th Summit, Mt. Elbrus, Russia
MindChamps Ambassador Jane Lee on top of her 7th Summit, Mt. Elbrus, Russia
Jane Lee, Singapore mountaineer and Brand Ambassador for MindChamps has just
conquered the 7 Summits of the World. She climbed her 6th Peak – Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa – on 17 June 2011 and not long after, her 7th – Mount Elbrus in Russia – on 4 July 2011. With this incredible accomplishment, Jane becomes the first South-East Asian woman to scale the 7 Summits. Jane says, “To me, success in climbing is 10% physi
cal and 90% mindset. A strong conviction to the goal is what keeps me going through the worst of storms and physical exhaustion. As a brand ambassador for MindChamps, I would like to be a
positive example to children, to show that with the correct mindset, we are capable of overcoming even the most extreme of challenges to reach our goals.” Jane who was the captain of the first all women mountaineering team from Singapore that scaled Mount Everest in 2009, adds,” What I like about MindChamps is its philosophy that every child can be successful with the Champion Mindset. I believe that success comes from hard work, but to go one step further to become a champion requires a sense of self-confidence that comes from believing in our own

potential. I think it is absolutely important that all children have the opportunity to
develop this sense of confidence in themselves.” Jane Lee is currently pursuing her MBA at Yale University.

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