Jeremy Lim appointed as MindChamps’ Youth Fellow

MindChamps appoints one of Singapore’s most inspirational youths, Jeremy Lim Hon Lee as its Youth Fellow on 27 September 2006.
A Graduate of MindChamps, Jeremy successfully completed the Success 4 Life Program in 2003. Although Jeremy is physically challenged (he suffers from brittle bone disease), his Champion Mindset has helped him overcome what would normally be insurmountable obstacles to others.
Jeremy describes his experience in MindChamps as “very enriching, rewarding, and life- changing.” He adds that “it is only natural to have a Champion Mindset when you are taught by MindChamps”.
Jeremy’s global awareness and leadership qualities have served him well as the Youth Ambassador for the National Kidney Foundation Children’s Medical Fund. Jeremy’s inspirational life story is soon to be featured in an Australian book entitled Young Achievers.
As the Youth Fellow of MindChamps, Jeremy is the embodiment of the Champion Mindset, and a leading light for young people everywhere.

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